Can I Buy Castaway Cay Merchandise Online?

Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise Line’s small slice of paradise that’s located in the Bahamas. The exclusive port is visited by most Caribbean itineraries with Disney Cruise Line, and is often the most popular destination for guests.

With a wide selection of fun activities (we highly recommend the Castaway Cay snorkeling adventure), there’s barely enough time to do everything during your visit. That includes shopping and looking for souvenirs.

Are you able to buy Castaway Cay merchandise online after your trip is over?

The short answer is that merchandise found at Castaway Cay is often exclusive to the stores on the island. You won’t find the same items back on the ship, at Walt Disney World or on the shopDisney website. Sometimes Disney will put Disney Cruise Line merch in their outlet stores, but Castaway Cay items are usually hard to find.

You may find unofficial items sold on places such as Amazon, Etsy and other locations where custom apparel and crafts may be sold. However, official Disney merchandise for Castaway Cay is often restricted to the stores on the island. Don’t expect to see anything Castaway Cay related off the island.

Besides the exclusivity, merchandise on the island is refreshed relatively often. New items are added and old items are removed with little to no notice, meaning you’ll likely see inventory changes between cruises. We can personally vouch for the inventory almost completely turning over from one year to the next.

Our recommendation – don’t wait to buy if you see something you like!

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