What will happen to Star Tours after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Hollywood Studios?

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is a Star Wars motion simulator ride located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As work progresses on the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land that will become the home of all things Star Wars at Disney World, what will become of the old Star Tours attraction?

Several different rumors have popped up surrounding the future of Star Tours, but the most likely scenarios suggest that the ride itself will remain as of the date of this article. Disney’s Hollywood Studios will need as many operational rides and attractions as possible to handle the enormous crowds that want to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It’s likely that Star Tours will operate normally for the foreseeable future.

However, looking further out, it’s likely the ride won’t be associated with Star Wars. Instead, it’ll take on a completely new theme. Of course, it’s always possible Disney may move in a new direction and could demolish the building for something brand new.

The idea that Star Tours will transition away from Star Wars makes a lot of sense. Star Tours won’t be directly connected to Galaxy’s Edge, meaning there’d be a bizarre transition where guests would go from one Star Wars area, walk past Grand Avenue and the Muppets attraction, before suddenly being back in a not-as-nicely themed Star Wars location with Star Tours. It simply wouldn’t work. Instead, a new theme could be brought in to refresh the old ride.

That doesn’t mean Star Tours will close as soon as Galaxy’s Edge opens. With enormous crowds expected for the debut of the new land, it’d be kind of silly to close down an attraction. Hollywood Studios will need all of its shows and attractions up and running to cope with the monstrous crowds.

Summarized, all signs are pointing to the building and ride system of Star Tours sticking around, but eventually transitioning into something that’s not Star Wars. Longer plans could involve the area transforming through demolition.

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