Rumor: Possible attraction coming to the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot

The United Kingdom pavilion inside the World Showcase at Epcot could be home to a future attraction. Details on the rumored attraction are scarce, but the current report suggests that something is tentatively scheduled to open in 2020.

Back in early 2017, a rumor began to circulate that some sort of ride or attraction could be added to the UK pavilion in order to add some balance to World Showcase. It wasn’t clear what the theme or even style of attraction would be beyond that something was being discussed.

The always awesome Marni1971 at WDWMagic offered a quick recap on how the rumored attraction has evolved over time.

“There was an IP based dark ride. Then a possible whip or carousel of the same IP. Then a dark ride again. Then another IP came along. Then it became a carousel. Then possibly a dark ride again.”

As for what intellectual properties (IPs) are/were being referenced, the most popular guess suggests that Mary Poppins is the current favorite, but that Brave was also in the running. Mary Poppins does seem like the most obvious and best connection in terms of an appropriate IP for the location, particularly with the new film coming out near the end of 2018.

Disney may need to make a decision soon if they hope to hit their reported 2020 completion date.

A dark ride based on Mary Poppins sounds like a great addition to World Showcase and the UK pavilion. Adding in the upcoming Ratatouille ride to the France pavilion, World Showcase could have a new, exciting feel in the coming years.

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