Rumor: More shade may be added to Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land is a great addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. During our first visit, we commented that the land was a ton of fun despite its handful of issues. One of the primary complaints was a total lack of shade which made hot days and long waits feel pretty miserable.

Now, a rumor suggests that Disney may be addressing that problem by revisiting areas of Toy Story Land. It’s unclear what those solutions might be, but the rumor has suggested that Disney may add fans and more permanent shade structures in different areas of the land.

Disney could address this issue by using themed supports (giant pencils and straws are already present in the land) and some kind of decorative awning. Another option would be giant artificial plants similar to what was found in the original Honey I Shrunk the Kids! play area that was demolished to make way for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Toy Story Land may be a case where theming interfered with practicality. The land is mostly void of any trees due to the idea that guests have been shrunk down to the size of a toy. The landscaping is mostly grasses and small bushes that are supposed to resemble what you’d see in a lawn. This idea is executed extremely well, but it takes away the main source of shade found around the parks.

Other issues remain, such as the lack of seating options for Woody’s Lunch Box, but it’s nice to hear Disney may go back and continue to work on one of its newest areas.

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