Rumor: Have new monorails been ordered for Disney World?

Are new monorails coming to Disney World? The crew over at is reporting that new monorails have been ordered from the same company, Bombardier of Canada, who built the current monorails that have been in use since 1989.

Does the rumor hold water? Yes and no. Disney desperately needs to upgrade its fleet of monorails that have been in use for nearly 30 years. Money for the project may also be available now that the Magic Kingdom Theater project appears to be postponed or cancelled.

However, conflicting reports from other Disney outlets suggest that while Disney is well aware of the need to address the monorails, none have officially been ordered. The original rumor also suggests the ordered trains would be Bombardier INNOVIA 300 Series trains, but this model wouldn’t fit on the current monorail beam.

Summarized, it’s highly likely Disney is exploring monorail options, but it’s too early to assume any have been ordered at this time.

Monorails have been a hot topic at Disney World ever since an infamous video, seen below, hit the Internet showing Monorail Red with its door hanging open while it was moving.

That’s about what you’d expect from an aging group of trains.

While Disney is building out a new transportation system in the Disney Skyliner, they’ll eventually have to address their current infrastructure and replace the monorails.

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