A new nighttime parade may come to the Magic Kingdom by 2021

The Magic Kingdom has been without a regular nighttime parade ever since the Main Street Electrical Parade departed in 2016. However, a new nighttime parade might be in development in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

According to reports from various Disney insiders, the Magic Kingdom should have a regular nightly parade as one of Walt Disney World’s many additions for their 50th anniversary. A rumor over on WDWMagic’s forums suggests that Disney recently ordered as many as 50 new parade chassis, indicating that a new parade could be in the works.

The Magic Kingdom has had a different feel ever since the Main Street Electrical Parade packed up and headed to Disneyland. While the nighttime atmosphere is still fantastic at the Magic Kingdom, a nightly parade building anticipation for the fireworks spectacular is an experience that’s sorely missed – though we imagine some don’t miss the large crowds lining Main Street USA.

Stay tuned. We’d imagine Disney will announce a new nightly parade well in advance of its actual debut. Hopefully we’ll receive additional information soon. Until then, enjoy footage of the final run of the Main Street Electrical Parade from October 2016.

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