Review: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is an outstanding quick service option

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers an immersive adventure in the world of Star Wars. While most of the attention will be on guests’ opportunity to fly the Millennium Falcon, visit Oga’s Cantina or build a lightsaber, one of the gems of the land can be found at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is a quick service restaurant that offers a unique menu that’s truly out of this world. Best compared to Satu’li Canteen in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the menu at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo ranges well beyond the traditional hamburgers and chicken nuggets. Instead, unique tastes can be found across the menu.

We went in not really knowing what to expect. The menu, which features some wild names for its items, may not do the best job explaining what you’re actually ordering. Thankfully that’s not a significant issue as every item we ordered, and the items we heard about from other guests, received extremely high praise.

Fried Endorian Tip-Yip

Description: Fried Chicken, Roasted Vegetable Potato Mash, Herb Gravy

This isn’t your average fried chicken you may have had at other quick service locations. This is a tender, juicy piece of chicken that’s covered in a light and flaky breading. It’s sat atop creamy mashed potatoes with peas and carrots that’s surrounded by an herb gravy. Let’s talk more about that herb gravy.

Seeing “herb gravy” in the description raised a few questions. What we received was fantastic. The herb gravy isn’t too thick, isn’t too runny and has a bit of a spicy kick that works well with the other flavors in the dish. Combing all three items into one bite is the way to go here. Delicious.

Felucian Garden Spread

Description: Plant-Based “Kefta”, Herb Hummas, Tomato-Cucumber Relish, Pita

We ordered this item a bit blindly as we weren’t familiar with Kefta. But, looking to try something new, we dove into what was a really pleasant surprise.

This plate could be summarized as non-meat meatballs with pita and vegetables. Every bit is loaded with spices and flavor, offering something very unique compared to your average quick service meal.

The intention appears to be a “Create Your Own Wrap” idea, but the dish works well even if you approach things separately. Other guests discussing this dish mentioned that they too weren’t really sure what they were ordering, but they were very happy with what they received.


Description: Chocolate Cake, White-Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Custard

This dessert is visually very similar to the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse found at Satu’li Canteen. It’s whimsical – if not beautiful – and does a great job of concealing the tastes within. Using green sponge cake as moss was a simple yet brilliant decision.

We loved this dessert. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream, but it avoids falling into the common traps of being too rich or too dense. It pulls off being light and fudgey all at the same time. We were a bit worried the coffee custard would be too overpowering, but it instead serves as a subtle complement.

Overall Thoughts

In addition to the wonderful food, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is an immersive environment that’s loaded with theming everywhere you look. You might find yourself sitting at a makeshift table positioned in a shipping container, or at a rusted table that has seen better days. This is a fully themed environment that offers something interesting everywhere you look.

Our one notable complaint about Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the lack of indoor seating. The interior seating area just isn’t large enough to accommodate the enormous crowds the land will attract. There is an outdoor seating area, but this didn’t seem too appealing in the Florida humidity.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo has raised the bar for quick service dining at Walt Disney World. The items are unique, tasty and offer a nice reprieve from the usual selections traditionally found at these price points. This is our new quick service restaurant of choice while visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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