Video: Stateroom designs and details on the Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line has released a new video showcasing the design and details of staterooms on the Disney Wish. The video outlines the different accommodations on the Disney Wish, from the usual staterooms to the expansive suites, and what designs inspired each location.

Learn more below:

There’s a couple of key takeaways that we learned from this video and its corresponding article.

The split bathroom concept will continue to be a main feature in most Disney Wish staterooms. However, it won’t be used in all staterooms and guests should be aware of that when booking.

The ‘Magical Portholes’ concept that offers interior staterooms a virtual view of the ocean (and Disney characters) appears to have been abandoned on the Disney Wish. Guests who usually stay in these staterooms may want to pursue a different room category if this was an important feature.

The Disney Wish is placing a big emphasis on concierge staterooms and suites. The Disney Wish will have more than double the number of concierge staterooms compared to other Disney Cruise Line ships. The new concierge lounge will be more than triple the size of other concierge lounges on Disney ships and the private sun deck sounds substantially larger. We’ll have to wait and see how these changes impact the experience for non-concierge guests.

The Disney Wish will sail its maiden voyage on June 9, 2022.

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