Video: Quick Highlights Around the Disney Wish

Disney has released a new video highlighting the Disney Wish, Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship. The one-minute video shows some of the ship’s unique restaurants, kids clubs, adult spaces and more.

Watch the ‘Introducing the Disney Wish’ video below.

The Disney Wish sailed its maiden voyage in July and represents a distinct style change compared to the four other Disney ships. Disney is calling the Disney Wish a ‘castle at sea’ that aims to provide unique storytelling and entertainment.

To date, guest reviews have been mostly positive about the Disney Wish. Guests have praised the dining on the Wish (especially the quick-service), the outstanding service and entertainment. However, some have noted the Wish has some odd design choices (like the lack of a true walking track) and adult spaces that feel like a bit of an afterthought.

There’s no question the Disney Wish is in its infancy and will need to overcome some hurdles. It may take time for guests to get used to the new layout. We think the design is a big shift in Disney Cruise Line’s aesthetic, and we’re extremely curious to see what Disney has planned for its sixth and seventh ships.

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