There’s not much left of Innoventions West at Epcot

Time is running out to see the last few glimpses of Innoventions West at Epcot. Demolition continues to move at a rapid pace on the building as Epcot transitions to a very different look and feel in what was Future World.

Current views of Innoventions West show that only the steel framing for the building is still in place. The roof and walls have already been removed, producing some crazy views where guests can see straight through the building.

Take a look at what’s left of Innoventions West courtesy of WDWTraveler:

Photo via WDWTraveler

Standing closer to Innoventions West, you can see that there really isn’t much left of the building. All that’s left is the steel skeleton.

Photo via WDWTraveler

Based on the current pace of this project, we’d expect to see large chunks of the building coming down in the very near future.

Epcot’s evolution is a bittersweet one where innovation is coming at the cost of the park’s history. While some proposals for Epcot retained Innoventions West, the plan Disney is going with involves abandoning the balanced and symmetrical feel of Future World in favor of a new design that leans on neighborhoods and a larger Festival Center.

Head on out and take your photos while you can!

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