Online check-in may be required when Walt Disney World hotels reopen

Guests with a future reservation at a Walt Disney World resort may be required to check-in online before the beginning of their stay. In an effort that’s likely intended to minimize physical contact between guests and cast members, the online check-in note is now listed as required for guests with resort reservations this summer.

Twitter user @DisneyDragon spotted the “Now Required” notice on a resort reservation at Pop Century for the middle of July. They’re instructed that it is now required to complete online check-in before proceeding directly to the room upon arrival.

Online check-in may become the new normal both at Walt Disney World and in the hotel industry as a whole in response to social distancing guidelines. Preventing close contact between cast members and guests, as well as avoiding congested front desk areas, will be a key step when Walt Disney World resorts reopen.

The online check-in feature has been offered at Walt Disney World for quite some time, but previously guests still had the option of visiting the front desk. It’s worth noting the online check-in process is extremely simple and is already used by a large number of resort guests. After you have completed checking in online, a text message containing your room number will be sent on the first day of your stay. Guests can then proceed directly to their room and avoid the front desk area entirely.

This will likely be just one of many changes rolled out at Walt Disney World in the near future to reduce contact between guests and cast members.

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