New Hollywood Studios logo installed on the Animation Courtyard arch

Back in May 2019, Disney revealed a brand new logo for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The logo was intended to celebrate the characters and franchises that call the theme park home. Now, a new sign featuring the logo has been installed on the arch near Animation Courtyard, but you may notice something is missing.

The characters that were originally featured – and later parodied by the Disney community – have been removed from the logo that was just installed.

You’ll also notice that new paint was added around the archway. You can see a better view of this in some of the daytime photos below.

The end result is a very clean and modern logo. The “Studios” text might be a bit too small to read beneath the more prominent “Hollywood” text, but that’s a relatively minor critique. We think the decision to abandon the characters within the Os (BB-8, Mickey Mouse and Woody) was a strong decision that probably should have been made before the original logo was released.

The original version of the new logo.

What do you think of the non-character version of this Hollywood Studios logo?

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