More cast members are being recalled at Walt Disney World

Disney is recalling more cast members at Walt Disney World as they prepare to increase capacity this summer. Cast members are being called back to either their original positions or for training in new positions where staffing is needed.

We’ve heard of cast members being called back to dining locations, guest services, merchandise and in other operational roles.

Disney is beefing up their staff ahead of summer months where larger crowds are expected. The park reservation system has already been refilled to offer new reservations on days that were previously sold out. It’s expected capacity will be increased across the board in the very near future.

While Disney prepares for larger crowds at Walt Disney World, it remains to be seen how they’ll handle physical distancing. Currently, long distanced lines spill out into walkways and congest areas outside of the normal queues. Increasing crowds without adjusting these lines, or bringing back FastPass+, may cause additional issues.

Potential crowding concerns aside, it’s always nice to hear more cast members are being employed.

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