Here’s what the Tatooine Traders gift shop at Star Tours now looks like

Back in September, we talked about the refurbishment project going on at the Tatooine Traders gift shop located at the exit of Star Tours. Now, a little over a month later, we have an updated look at the space.

Thanks to Blog Mickey, we can see that the gift shop has a ton of open space and has removed some of the studio-style theming. The theming that’s meant to look like rock is still in place. The Build-Your-Own Lightsaber section, an area that was often the source of some serious congestion, has a large dedicated space near the exit ramp of Star Tours.

The updates have brightened up and added space to one of the more crowded gift shops in the park. However, the theming still leaves plenty of questions. The goal to remove the movie studio theming was successful, but the store still feels far from the immersive project going in over at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The space looks like it’d be relatively easy to transition should the current Star Tours ride transform into something else. At this time, the long-term future of Star Tours is unclear. Rumors have suggested the attraction could take on a different theme or may be demolished for an entirely new project.

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