Flavor info for Blue Milk and Green Milk at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Guests visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will have the opportunity to live out all of their Star Wars dreams, from flying the Millennium Falcon to tasting blue milk and green milk for the very first time.

Speaking of that infamous galactic beverage, what should guests expect when they finally taste either the blue or green milk? We now have an answer thanks to Disneyland’s menus for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Blue Milk Flavors

Coconut and Rice Milks with flavors of Dragon Fruit, Pineapple, Lime and Watermelon.

Green Milk Flavors

Coconut and Rice Milks with flavors of Mandarin Orange, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit and Orange Blossom.

As expected, neither of the “milks” are actually made with any dairy. That’d be a bit of a disaster in the hot Florida climate. Instead they will both use coconut and rice milks served frozen for a cold and flavorful refreshment.

Which flavor of milk do you want to try first?

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