First Look at the Completed Grand Hall (Atrium) on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish is almost ready to welcome its first guests. Ahead of the scheduled media cruise and maiden voyage on July 14, some images are starting to leak out of the ship.

Here’s our first look at the completed Grand Hall, or the atrium, of the Disney Wish courtesy of KdKyA on

Atrium of the Disney Wish

The picture appears to have been taken while the Disney Wish was sailing to Port Canaveral. Disney cancelled the first couple test cruises after the Disney Wish arrived in Port Canaveral in an effort to put their full focus on completing the ship.

We can compare the picture of the completed Grand Hall above to the original Disney Wish concept art below.

Disney Wish Cinderella

Concept art is always subject to change, but it’s fun to spot the differences from what we can see so far. Our eyes immediately went to the carpet and the much darker colors (especially the gold) seen in the finished atrium of the Disney Wish. There’s also some notable light fixture changes on the upper decks.

Unfortunately, we can’t see the Grand Hall’s lighting capabilities (there’s a ton of fiber optics) that aim to transform the space.

We can’t wait to see the completed Disney Wish and compare the finished version to what Disney Cruise Line has promised its guests.

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