Disney is “still working on” the daytime appearance of Epcot’s Harmonious barges

Epcot’s new nighttime spectacular Harmonious will debut to guests for the first time on September 29, 2021. Ahead of the grand reveal, Disney Imagineers spoke with the media about its latest fireworks creation. This led to a very important question being asked – what will the barges look like during the day?

Attractions Magazine poised this question and the answer indicated Disney is still working on it. The question happens at the 1:35 mark.

Originally, the Harmonious barges were supposed to act as fountains during the day. Disney posted signage explaining their plan and even tested the fountains multiple times. But, that signage has since been removed and the barges did not have any fountains on ahead of Harmonious’ opening night.

The barges were displaying some logos for the 50th anniversary.

The fountain plan looked great in the concept art (shown below), but it doesn’t match the reality. Unfortunately, water doesn’t actually conceal things like the art below.

Disney is fairly limited by what they can do with the massive barges. There just isn’t a good way to conceal such large structures that block many of the views around World Showcase.

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