Disney Skyliner cabins will hold up to 10 guests

A new look at the Disney Skyliner has provided some updated information on the transportation system that will carry guests between two theme parks and four resorts at Walt Disney World.

The cabins on the Disney Skyliner will seat up to 10 guests and will travel at 11 miles per hour. That speed matches our earlier estimates and our projected Disney Skyliner speed and travel times.

Based on the images shared by the Orlando Sentinel, guests will sit on long wooden benches within the cabin. The bench seat appears to be able to fold up in order to accommodate ECV scooters.

We also learned that the Disney Skyliner will feature 300 cabins that will be themed with either bright colors or with character decals. Each cabin will be cooled through air flowing in from vents located at both the top and bottom of the cabin. Reflective windows will attempt to keep the sunlight out and keep the guests inside cool.

Disney stated that the Disney Skyliner will travel as high as 60 feet off the ground, will feel much faster than the actual speed of 11 miles per hour and will offer unique views of Walt Disney World property. After personally witnessing some of the testing, the cabins move along surprisingly quick when the line is running at full speed.

The Disney Skyliner is still officially supposed to open in Fall 2019, but we still think that timeline could be pushed earlier based on the current progress of the project.

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