Disney confirms Epcot’s Mary Poppins attraction and Spaceship Earth refurbishment have been postponed

Two significant projects at Epcot have been officially postponed. Disney has confirmed that both the Mary Poppins attraction and the Spaceship Earth refurbishment project have been delayed indefinitely.

Previously, Disney cited the need to significantly reduce capital expenditures in an effort to combat the financial impact of the ongoing pandemic. That has led many to speculate about which Walt Disney World projects might be on the chopping block. Many signs have pointed to a significant delay or cancellation to the Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge resort, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Disney officially commenting on a delayed project is fairly uncommon. Remember the announced Magic Kingdom Theater project? That appeared to be a go until the permits were quietly removed. It’s possible Disney is only commenting on Mary Poppins and Spaceship Earth because they still intend to address them in the future. It’s also possible Disney is aware that many guests visiting the Epcot Experience noticed the two projects had suddenly been removed.

While disappointing, these delays could be a blessing in disguise. Earlier reports from Disney insiders stated that the Mary Poppins attraction had been scaled back due to budget cuts. The same could be said for Spaceship Earth’s refurbishment. Shelving both until more funds are available is the preferred option over rushing them through with a fraction of the budget.

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