Construction has resumed on Epcot’s new fireworks show Harmonious

Construction on an anticipated project has quietly resumed at Walt Disney World. Work has picked back up on Harmonious, Epcot’s new nighttime fireworks spectacular that was originally expected to debut in 2020.

Guests who are visiting Epcot and staying around the Epcot resort area have noticed the backstage crane that was working on the Harmonious barges is moving once again.

Disney insider Martin Smith confirmed that work on Harmonious is back on. He noted that it’s still possible Epcot Forever, the interim fireworks show that was supposed to bridge the gap between Illuminations: Reflections of Earth and Harmonious, may still return.

Smith commenting on Epcot Forever possibly returning:

“Timescales are still in pieces but current thinking is Forever will return before Harmonious. Unless there’s no night show until October next year.”

As Smith notes, any planned timelines and schedules have been blown to pieces. At this time it’s not clear when any nighttime fireworks shows will return to Walt Disney World.

Work continuing on Harmonious is encouraging even with the uncertain completion date. The interim Epcot Forever show has been met with mixed reviews and has seen its fair share of technical problems ever since it debuted in late 2019.

Epcot Forever has its grand moments, such as the kites, but the show can feel very underwhelming when those moments aren’t firing. Unfortunately, our most recent viewing of the show was a disappointment as all of the kites failed to light up. It’s not good when guests are confused about what they’re supposed to be seeing during your nighttime spectacular.

Epcot is deserving of a grand show that can hold its own in the large space of World Showcase Lagoon. Will Harmonious be that show when it eventually debuts?

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