Cinderella Castle takes on a new look with darker blues and a new pink color

Before the Magic Kingdom closes along with the rest of Walt Disney World over concerns with the Coronavirus, guests were able to take one more look at the transformation of Cinderella Castle. Workers are continuing to paint the castle despite the upcoming closure, revealing darker blues, more gold accents and a new pink color.

The great folks over at Blog Mickey documented the progress and showed just how much Cinderella Castle has changed in the past couple weeks.

Photo via Blog Mickey.

As you can see, the turrets are now a much darker blue when compared to the ones that haven’t been painted on the top right of the photo. You can also see the pink (rose pink?) that’s been added on the gray areas of the castle.

Currently, the new pink color looks a bit darker than the proposed concept art that was released by Disney.

Concept art from Disney.

It is worth noting that the transformation of Cinderella Castle is just beginning. The current shade of pink may be altered to more closely match the concept art. With work expected to be completed this summer, it might be too early to judge things too harshly. This could also be a case where the castle will look and photograph differently depending on the lighting.

Our preliminary opinion is a bit mixed. Though we like to see the icon getting some love, we would prefer it to have a more unique look rather than one that’s starting to look very similar to Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle. We feel each castle should have its own identity.

What do you think of Cinderella Castle’s new look?

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