Cinderella Castle may receive new enhancements for Disney World’s 50th anniversary

Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom may receive some new enhancements for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021. Two permits were recently filed for “general construction” on Cinderella Castle, and the companies involved hint at upcoming additions.

The first permit filed involves Coastal Steel Inc. performing work on Cinderella Castle.

Coastal Steel Inc. has been involved in a variety of projects in the Orlando area involving roller coasters, rail systems and anything involving steel work.

The second permit also lists Cinderella Castle as the address and involves a company called Icarus Exhibits.

Icarus Exhibits works with the fabrication and installation of set pieces and exhibits.

Cinderella Castle was transformed in 2020 with a new pinkish paint job, more gold and some deeper blues. The new look for the Magic Kingdom’s icon has been met with mixed reviews as the Castle’s appearance can vary dramatically depending on the lighting.

Reports have suggested select Disney executives weren’t thrilled with how Cinderella Castle’s new paint turned out. However, that doesn’t appear to be connected with these latest permits.

To date, Disney has not officially announced any future additions or changes. We’d expect an announcement ahead of the actual 50th anniversary date in October 2021.

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