A current look at the Star Wars Hotel construction site

Some light activity has been spotted at the future home of the Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World. The hotel, which has been almost easy to forget following the huge release of information surrounding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, will sit just outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the brand new Star Wars land.

Recent aerial photos from @bioreconstruct show that the construction site is slowly stirring to life with the addition of fencing, sewer pipes and a crane. It appears that work will be underway soon to prepare the hotel’s infrastructure and foundation.

Photo via @bioreconstruct

The bottom left corner of the photo above shows the backside of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As you can see, the hotel will sit in close proximity to the land though it is not expected to be directly connected. It’s believed that guests staying at the hotel will use specially-themed shuttles to come and go from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Currently, Disney hasn’t released too many details about the hotel outside of it being an immersive experience that will surround guests in their own Star Wars story. Most reports suggest that the experience will be similar to that of a cruise where guests will stay for a specific number of days. Those days will be full of activities that take the guest through a detailed and immersive story.

An official opening date hasn’t been announced at this time.

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