The Frozen 2 teaser trailer raises plenty of interesting questions

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet over the past couple days, you may be aware that a teaser trailer has been released for Frozen 2. The teaser trailer was just that – a tease – that raised lots of questions about the setting, plot and general fate of Anna and Elsa.

Can we first talk about how incredible the animation was in that trailer? The water, rocks and general scenery looked phenomenal and completely realistic. Disney should be extremely proud of their animation team. High praise also deserves to go out to the music team who did a great job putting a twist on an iconic song from the original.

On to the questions raised by the trailer that left us wildly speculating.

This teaser has a much more serious, more intense tone compared to the original Frozen. Did Disney try to make a film that will appeal to the audience who grew up with the original? It’s a good strategy if they did. It’ll be roughly six years between movies when the sequel debuts.

We also can’t help but notice that Olaf is barely featured in this first look. That’s a major contrast to the slapstick teaser Disney released for the original Frozen several years ago. It’s possible Olaf’s role will be slightly reduced should the plot tackle a more serious tone.

Diving into specifics, there’s several different ways to interpret the intense opening scene with Elsa trying to rush into the ocean. Some believe Elsa might be trapped and is desperately trying to escape from an area (island?) located outside of Arendelle. Others believe she may be trying to venture out into the ocean to discover the wreckage of her parents’ ship. Or perhaps she’s just training to enhance her powers? We’re not sure, but we’re intrigued.

Skipping ahead, we couldn’t help but notice that there are a few different designs in the ice crystals seen floating by Anna. Do these represent different tribes that must be united? Or families who must be brought together? Or the four seasons? You can see each design in the official poster below.

Meanwhile, Kristoff and Sven look like they’re charging into battle with a bunch of reindeer friends.

Some serious looking reindeer. Kristoff too.

We never knew we wanted to see charging reindeer.

The rest of the trailer features magic in some unusual places. Elsa is seen attempting to put out what appears to be purplish fire, though it doesn’t look like she’s succeeding.

That fire doesn’t look normal…

We also see a quick glimpse of a character who appears to be able to control the wind. This doesn’t really look like Anna though there are some similarities.

Is this Anna and Elsa’s relative?

Some quick theories suggest she might be related to Anna and Elsa, harnessing the power of the wind. There’s also some debate that she might appear to be an ally who turns out to be a villain, though that road was traveled down in the original. All we know is that this new individual can lift up a person with a single gust of wind. Powerful stuff.

The world of Frozen 2 appears to be embracing the fact Elsa isn’t the only one with special abilities.

This teaser trailer feels similar to the superhero-style trailers seen throughout the Marvel cinematic universe. Our heroes are scattered about before they reunite to save the day. Frozen 2 may be following the successful formula seen in some of Disney’s most recent box office successes.

Frozen 2 will hit theaters on November 22, 2019.

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