Disney Plus is surveying viewers about adding more mature content

Disney Plus has been met with a series of requests and suggestions ever since its initial launch in November 2019. The most common is the hope for more content, specifically content aimed more at adult audiences.

Recently, Disney Plus has surveyed some of its viewers about adding shows that carry a PG-13 rating. A Reddit user posted the emailed survey to /r/DisneyPlus, showing that Disney is curious what shows viewers would be interested in watching.

Disney Plus survey.

None of these titles are particularly “mature” by definition compared to content on other streaming devices, but they would represent a shift in tone on Disney Plus where similar content is lacking. Currently, there isn’t much to draw adults without kids to Disney Plus outside of the original programming like The Mandalorian. Unfortunately, those original releases have been few and far between to date.

This survey comes on the heels of the Love, Simon series moving to Hulu and the Lizzie McGuire series being placed on hiatus due to disagreements between the creator and Disney over mature themes. Hulu was expected to be Disney’s home for more adult content following its purchase of Fox, but keeping Disney Plus overly kid-friendly may not be the best strategy for long-term growth.

Disney needs to realize that adults – those with and without kids – are an audience that’s currently being neglected on the platform. Hopefully this survey is the first step to changing that weakness.

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