Where is the best restroom in Epcot?

Epcot is an enormous theme park that features fun rides, unique experiences and a chance to travel around the world.

So, where is the best restroom / bathroom in Epcot?

Our pick is the American Adventure restrooms located within World Showcase. You can find this location circled in yellow at the bottom of the map.

The American Adventure is on the far side of Epcot.

The restrooms are actually located off to the side of the main American Adventure building and are only accessible from the outside. If you’re facing The American Adventure building, the restrooms can be found on the far right side.

We love these restrooms for a few key reasons. For starters, they’re extremely large and rarely see large crowds except on Epcot’s busiest days. We believe their location, which is tucked away near the back of the pavilion, is easy to overlook and is one of the main reasons why they’re usually pretty empty. The restrooms here are typically very clean and even have some fun historic American music.

The main drawback is that these restrooms are located on the far side of World Showcase. This can be quite a hike if you’re spending the majority of your time in Future World. However, they are on the midpoint during trips around the world and sit relatively close to the International Gateway if you’re staying at the Epcot Resort Area.

An honorable mention goes to the restrooms located in the Odyssey building located near the entrance to World Showcase. This building is currently only used during festivals, but remains open to guests needing to use the restroom.

Best restroom in the Magic Kingdom

Photo via Disney

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