The 5 best Disney World YouTube channels

Visiting Walt Disney World is an exciting, fun and magical experience. But what happens when your trip is over and it’s time to head back to reality? Post Disney Vacation Depression is a very real thing that can be difficult to overcome until you start planning your next trip.

Thankfully, the wonderful world of YouTube can help those Disney blues. YouTube is loaded with channels that are dedicated to bringing viewers the latest from all around Walt Disney World.

Here are our five favorite Walt Disney World YouTube channels. Let us know which channels and vloggers you love in the comments!


Want to explore and walk through Walt Disney World in 4K and 5K resolution? Of course you do. 4k WDW provides outstanding silent tours around Disney’s theme parks and resorts. Soak in all of the sounds of the attractions and parks without any unnecessary commentary.


This is not your usual Walt Disney World vlogging channel. Defunctland is all about history and examining extinct attractions, locations and media. They cover more than just Disney, but their videos are so good that we have to include them in this list. Dive in and lose yourself in hours of incredible footage.

Super Enthused

Jackie of Super Enthused is an upbeat and informative Walt Disney World and Orlando theme park vlogger. She provides thorough reviews that are loaded with research, and isn’t afraid to offer her honest opinion. Jackie keeps things light and doesn’t have the tendencies that make other Disney vlogging channels unwatchable. 


The folks over at WDWMagic do an outstanding job of presenting Walt Disney World as it truly is. There’s no commentary or anything too flashy, but you can count on a crisp presentation of fireworks, rides and much more. WDWMagic is always extremely professional and that’s one of the reasons why we love them.

Disney Parks

Last but not least, we have to recommend following the official Disney Parks YouTube channel. There’s so much Disney content available that it can be easy to forget to follow Disney themselves! The Disney Parks channel has news, behind-the-scenes videos and live streams that should interest any Disney fan. 

David has been writing about Disney since 2018. He founded Notes from Neverland as an outlet to express his love for Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line and more.

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