The 5 best Disney World YouTube channels

Visiting Walt Disney World is an exciting, fun and magical experience. But what happens when your trip is over and it’s time to head back to reality? Post Disney Depression is a very real thing that can be difficult to overcome until you start planning your next trip.

Thankfully, the wonderful world of YouTube can help alleviate those Disney blues. YouTube is loaded with channels that are dedicated to bringing viewers the latest from all around Walt Disney World. They bring you right into the action and make you feel like you’re still apart of the magic.

Here are our five favorite Disney World YouTube channels as well as an honorable mention. Let us know which channels you love in the comments!

The Tim Tracker

Tim & Jenn with Disney Christmas fun.

Tim and Jenn push out videos nearly every day about the many things happening at Disney World, Universal and around the Orlando area. They provide a laid-back, honest view of Disney and its many offerings. They also venture outside the usual Disney bubble and undertake some truly unique video ideas – such as eating all of the 12 Days of Hotdogs from Casey’s at the Magic Kingdom (poor Tim!) or welcoming you into their home life.

The Tim Tracker channel may be the channel to follow for aspiring Disney vloggers.

Michael Kay

Michael and his brother start a Disney cruise.

Michael Kay lives and breathes all things Disney. His daily videos cover a variety of Disney topics from Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, planning a Disney trip, Disney rumors and much more. He creates beautiful vlogs of all of his Disney trips (many of which are with family members) and livestreams weekly to answer any questions his viewers may have.

Michael is one of the most genuine and positive people you will ever find on YouTube.


Walk around Polynesian Resort – ResortTV1

ResortTV1 has a variety of videos from around Orlando, but their specialty is lengthy and immersive livestreams. These livestreams treat viewers to fireworks, parades and even relaxing strolls around Disney resorts.

Who doesn’t want to watch a peaceful walkthrough of Polynesian Resort and pretend like you’re there?


Magic Kingdom loop – WDWFacts

Disney creates its magical worlds through sights, smells and sounds. That last point, sounds, is often disregarded. However, the background music used throughout the lands and attractions is a key reason why Disney feels like … Disney.

WDWFacts has done a great job of capturing the background music and audio from various iconic Disney locations. There’s something soothing and relaxing listening to the music from your favorite location.


Epcot 35th anniversary fireworks – WDWMagic

The folks over at WDWMagic do an outstanding job of presenting Walt Disney World as it truly is. There’s no commentary or anything too flashy, but you can count on a crisp presentation of fireworks, rides and much more. WDWMagic is always extremely professional and that’s one of the reasons why we love them.

Honorable Mention: J.P.L Studios

Like the Disney Theme Park Audio channel above, J.B.L Studios also presents Disney background music to YouTube viewers. The main difference is that J.P.L Studios creates multi-hour loops of some of the best background music around Disney. The 10-hour (yes, 10 hours!) loop of Tomorrowland’s background music is perfect when you need to focus.

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