Can You Cancel or Modify a Lightning Lane Reservation in Disneyland and Walt Disney World?

Update: Disney has pushed an update that allows guests to modify their Lightning Lane selection. This will allow guests to change the time for their Lightning Lane reservations, depending on availability. This is a welcome update that makes Genie+ easier to use and more flexible for guests.


Guests at Disneyland and Walt Disney World can book Lightning Lane reservations through either the premium Genie+ service or by buying an Individual Lightning Lane pass. But what happens if you want to change or cancel your Lightning Lane pass after you book it?

Things work a bit differently for Genie+ reservation versus the Individual Lightning Lane passes where you pay an additional fee. Genie+ is a fee added to your ticket while Individual Lightning Lane attractions ask guests to pay a separate cost to skip the line.

Genie+ Lightning Lane Reservation

  • Can be cancelled.
  • Can’t be modified, but you can cancel and rebook.

Individual Lightning Lane Reservation

  • Can’t be cancelled.
  • Can’t be modified.

Summarized, you can cancel Lightning Lane reservations, but only if they were made through Genie+. Individual Lightning Lane reservations can not be cancelled and neither can be modified.

Make sure you’re extra careful when booking Individual Lightning Lane reservations because they’re basically set in stone. This is especially important when paying an additional fee for a popular attraction, like WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, where available times can fluctuate.

For example, we went to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for WEB Slingers at the next available time which was 5pm-6pm. We clicked through to the next screen and when we went to pay we saw the time had jumped to 6:30pm-7:30pm. That time still worked for us, but the story could be very different if we had a dinner reservation at 6:15pm.

Our Lightning Lane advice:

  • Book your Lightning Lane times carefully, especially Individual Lightning Lane reservations.
  • Be aware that Lightning Lane passes can’t be modified.
  • Know that refunds are only available if an attraction breaks and does not reopen that day.
  • Have questions? Run into an issue? Stop by Guest Services for help.

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