Should Adults Without Kids Sail on Disney Cruise Line?

Disney Cruise Line has built up a strong reputation over the years as being one of the best cruise lines for families. That honor is well deserved given Disney Cruise Line’s immersive youth clubs and never-ending activities, but what does that mean for adults without kids?

We’ve previously talked about traveling to Walt Disney World without kids and how there’s a bunch of activities and entertainment specifically for older guests. That same overall idea rings true with Disney Cruise Line, but maybe even more than you might think.

Let’s talk about what makes Disney Cruise Line such a great option for adults sailing without children.

Outstanding Service

Disney Cruise Line provides outstanding service for all of its guests. The “Disney Difference” can be seen at all of the Disney properties, but Disney Cruise Line cranks that level of service up to 11.

We were honestly blown away by the overall level of service seen throughout our sailing experience. Upon arrival, we were welcomed aboard by several cast members who will proudly announce your group’s name to everyone in the atrium. Cheesy? Maybe, but it genuinely makes you feel like you’re stepping into something special.

This warm and welcoming vibe continued from our stateroom host who took time to get to know our names and always asked about our day. We were also impressed with our serving team at each dinner (your servers rotate with you each night in the rotational dining system) as they remembered details about us, cracked jokes and even did magic tricks. The cast members became friendly faces you’d see around the ship that were always welcoming you with a smile and some fun conversation.

Disney Cruise Line may be the best current example of how the “Disney Difference” can take a great experience and turn it into one you’ll never forget.

Adults-Only Deck

The main pool area can be a bit chaotic depending on the time of the day and whether the ship is in port. That’s why Disney Cruise Line has an adults-only area on the upper deck where guests 18 and over can unwind away from the hustle and bustle.

From super comfortable loungers to delightful peace and quiet, you’ll have a hard time leaving the adults-only deck areas to return to the rest of the ship. It’s prime real estate for an afternoon nap or just watching the ocean go by.

Keep in mind that you will find slightly different adults-only deck areas depending on which Disney Cruise Line ship you’re on.

Adults-Only Entertainment

Moving below the top deck, the adults-only entertainment areas are some of the real hidden gems you can enjoy during your cruise. Disney does an outstanding job providing adults with a variety of themed lounges on their ships.

In the example of the Disney Dream, The District is a collection of lounges that offer unique experiences for adults. These aren’t your normal bars or lounges. They feature live music, unique theming and some hilarious game shows. For example, Skyline is a lounge offering views of some of the most famous cities in the world. These views change throughout the night and the menu reflects drinks from these locations. Travel the world without leaving your seat!

We loved visiting Evolution, one of the lounges on the Disney Dream, after eating dinner and catching a show in the Walt Disney Theater. Each night offered something different, from karaoke to a “Match Your Mate” game show that was an absolute riot. It was always a great way to end the day.

The Youth Clubs

Why are we listing the youth clubs as a reason adults without kids will enjoy sailing on Disney Cruise Line? While it may seem odd, the overall quality of the youth clubs can make trips more enjoyable for groups traveling without kids for one simple reason – kids don’t want to leave these areas of the ship. Seriously. Children, tweens and teens will be begging to go back to their respective clubs to make new friends and experience fun activities in themed spaces.

Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t see any kids during your trip. You will. But, it does mean that Disney cruises do an amazing job of corralling kids in an area that’s easy to avoid for travelers without kids.

Fine Dining

Disney Cruise Line is well known for its rotational dining system where guests visit different themed restaurants each night with the same serving team. The food at these restaurants ranges from good to outstanding, but there is an upscale dining experience available just for adults.

Palo and Remy are two high-end dining experiences that adult guests can enjoy for an additional fee. These restaurants take Disney Cruise Line’s exemplary service and somehow manage to take it a step further. You won’t be disappointed.

Everything Else!

The items above are just a few reasons why Disney cruises are great options for adults without children. But, everything else on the ship is a great reason too! There’s outstanding entertainment that guests of any age can enjoy. The Broadway-style shows are some of the best you’ll ever see while on a cruise ship and rival many shows on land.

The fun is captivating even if you’re not a die-hard Disney fan. Of course, you may have a better time if you can channel your inner child and take part in the fun with your fellow cruisers.

We have taken multiple cruises with Disney Cruise Line as two adults without kids, and we won’t hesitate to book another in the future.

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