Select base gratuities increased on Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line has increased their base gratuities for select positions as of January 19, 2019. As reported by the Disney Cruise Line Blog, the gratuities are increasing by $0.50 per person, per day for the Server, Assistant Server and the Host/Hostess positions. The change does not appear to include the Head Server position.

With the increase, the total recommended gratuity is now $13.50 per person, per day. Disney Cruise Line last increased their base gratuities in 2008.

Tipping aboard Disney Cruise Line works a little differently than what you might be familiar with. Guests are able to prepay their gratuity for their dining team (Head Server, Server, Assistant Server) and host/hostess based on a preset rate. However, guests are able to visit Guest Services if they wish to modify any of the gratuity amounts for any of the positions aboard the ship. We personally visited Guest Services to add additional gratuity for our Server and Assistant Server because they were so outstanding during our trip.

Please note that tips for room service, bartenders or for any other services you experience during the cruise are not included in that prepaid gratuity amount.

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