Don’t read too far into the “Blue Sky” rendering of Epcot’s Future World

Back in July, Disney unveiled a “Blue Sky” look at Epcot’s Future World during their D23 Expo 2017. The image, which you can mostly see above, set off a whirlwind of discussions about what’s shown in the concept art as well as what’s missing from the concept art.

Where’s Innoventions? Is that a maze and a major water feature outside of The Land? What’s the deal with that major water feature with all of the floating triangle things in the bottom right section of the art? So many questions.

Simply, don’t read too far into this art.

There’s a reason why it’s called a “Blue Sky” rendering. In other words, this is just the brainstorming phase of what will eventually be a massive project. The reality of whatever this redesign looks like could, and will, change significantly before any construction actually happens. Merriam-Webster defines a blue-sky project as one that is “not grounded in the realities of the present.” Other dictionaries define it as impractical or not yet possible.

It’s fun to speculate, but there’s no need to get too wrapped up in the art that has been revealed.

Disney World knows it needs to work on Future World. They know that they’ve let portions of Epcot wither to a state that’s frankly embarrassing compared to the Epcot of old. However, consider the art above to only be an indication that plans, albeit long-term plans, are being made.

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