The Best Disney Christmas Ornaments for 2023

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It’s time to start thinking about the holidays! Disney has released a bunch of new Christmas ornaments for 2023, and the best ones have already arrived on Amazon.

These new ornaments feature iconic Disney characters, famous Disney parks rides, and ornaments that commemorate the year 2023.

Let’s start with those classic Disney characters!

Disney Character Ornaments

[amazon box=”B0BZQN4YVB” /]

Disney is celebrating their 100th anniversary, and this Mickey Mouse ornament is specifically made for the milestone. Mickey’s sparkling pants, shoes, and bowtie honor the 100th and could be a great addition to any tree. Remember, it all started with a mouse!

[amazon box=”B09YTD1HV4″ /]

Whether under the sea or up on your tree, Ariel is ready to join your family’s holiday celebrations. This Hallmark ornament is roughly 2 by 2.97 by 3.22, which means it’s not too big and not too small.

[amazon box=”B09GJGPMML” /]

Stitch is arguably one of the most popular Disney characters who isn’t apart of the Fab 5. Here, this Stitch and Scrump (Lilo’s homemade doll) ornament are ready to join your Ohana for the holidays.

[amazon box=”B09CR3HYXS” /]

Switching gears, is it really the Halloween and Christmas season without Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas? There’s the always-great Jack and Sally ornament, but this ornament has the crazy Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Disney Attraction Ornaments

Let’s move on to those special ornaments featuring Disney attractions.

[amazon box=”B0BZQN4W3M” /]

Peter Pan’s Flight is a classic Disney attraction. This special ornament has Mickey enjoying a ride in the flying ship, ready to take off to Neverland. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait in a super long line to buy this ornament.

[amazon box=”B09YMM2JF5″ /]

We love this Pirates of the Caribbean ornament. Real fans of the ride know it’s not just about Jack Sparrow. Pirates is great because of its awesome theming, rich details, and huge number of animatronics – like the napping pirate surrounded by pigs!

[amazon box=”B084CM837Q” /]

Beware of hitchhiking ghosts! These ghosts can follow you home and either find a spot on the Christmas tree, or be on display all year.

Disney 2023 Ornaments

We like to commemorate special moments with Christmas tree ornaments. Was 2023 a great year? Maybe an ornament keepsake is right for you.

[amazon box=”B0BZQN42R1,B0BZQNCF5Y,B0BZQNC85Q” /]

Having trouble picking just one ornament? You’re not alone. Disney, Hallmark, and other companies have an enormous number of ornaments that cover just about every part of Disney fandom. Thankfully, we’ve been tracking the best-selling ornaments currently on Amazon.

Most Popular Disney Christmas Ornaments

Here are the bestsellers!

[amazon bestseller=”disney christmas ornaments” items=”10″]
Which ornament is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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