New shopDisney collection celebrates avocados and Mickey Mouse

Are you a Disney fan who also loves avocados? We have some good news for you! A new line of products from shopDisney combines the world of avocados with the world of Mickey Mouse.

While this may sounds like a late April Fools’ joke, Disney has actually created a series of products that feature a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse logo in place of the avocado’s seed or pit. Some are pretty clever and would look great in your kitchen

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Mickey Mouse Avocado Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This is our favorite item from the new avocado collection. The salt and pepper set can be pushed together to look like an avocado or it can be left separated to reveal the hidden Mickey inside.

The ceramic shakers are great replicas of avocado halves, and they add some fun to a normal salt, pepper or other spice container.

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Mickey Mouse Avocado Dip Bowl

We can’t think of a better way to bring guacamole or another dip to an event than this Mickey Mouse avocado dip bowl. The hidden Mickey will only be revealed once the dip is almost gone.

This ceramic bowl is pretty awesome, but note that it isn’t safe for the microwave or dishwasher.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Avocado Tumbler with Straw

Maybe you want to show your love for Disney and avocados on the go? This tumbler has you covered. It features Mickey and Minnie logos on (as you might have guessed) avocados set on a pink background.

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Several other products have been released with the new Mickey Mouse avocado line. They include pins, a hat and a pouch. You can view all of the additional items below.

Additional Mickey Avocado Items

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What do you think of Disney’s avocado creations?

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