Disney Store’s new Oh My Disney collection is pure 90s fun

The Disney Store has teamed up with Oh My Disney to produce a bunch of new items that are going to be a hit with ’90s kids. The iconic movies from the decade, such as The Lion King, Hercules and more are represented through new clutch bags, jackets, shirts, pens and much more.

Some of our favorites include:

“VHS Case” Clutch Bags

Photo via Shop Disney

Now you, or the lady in your life, can carry around your things in a clutch bag that looks just like an old Disney VHS case. Who doesn’t remember having these cases lined up on a stand or shelf near your TV?

We’d love to see a wallet version of this same concept, but for now it’s pretty cool to see these fun bags that are a great throwback to the ’90s.

Click here to view more VHS bags, including ones based on the Hunchback, The Lion King, A Goofy Movie and more.

Beauty and the Beast Glass Set

Photo via Shop Disney

Did you own any glasses that looked like this as a kid? We did, but unfortunately we don’t have any of them as adults. These glasses are a flashback straight to childhood, and it’s fun to be able to own similar ones again.

We’d love to see other movies represented with glasses like these.

Click here to learn more about the Beauty and the Beast Glass Set.

More Items:

Overall Thoughts

Bringing back ’90s products, or at least ones that are themed to the ’90s, is a fun idea. We can only hope the quantity of items offered in this line continues to expand to include different types of items.

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