Rumor: Will a Brazil pavilion come to Epcot’s World Showcase?

Would you like to see a new country in Epcot’s World Showcase? You may be in luck. An old rumor suggesting Brazil could be added to the current list of 11 countries has recently found new life.

Disney insiders, including the very reliable Martin Smith, have coyly brought the Brazil topic back to the surface, indicating that there may finally be movement on the project. It’s believed that there were several proposals being considered for a future Brazil pavilion, but an official decision couldn’t be reached. Some plans reportedly included a ride / attraction while others did not.

Leaked concept art from a previous Brazil Epcot proposal (seen at the top of the page) was originally posted on some time ago. There’s no telling whether a new proposal will follow any of the old concepts or will take on a new direction.

World Showcase currently has several expansion pads that could become the home of the rumored Brazil Pavilion. The graphic below shows the potential expansion areas marked in orange, though it’s worth noting that some are currently being used for festival and backstage support.

Image via

The opening between Italy and Germany (identified by #4 on the graphic) has been linked to a potential Brazil expansion, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. The specific location may depend on just how much room a new Brazil build would require.

Rumors about a new country coming to World Showcase have been around since the late 80s and early 90s when the last countries (Morocco and Norway) were added. More recently, rumors have suggested that Brazil, Spain and even India could be added in a future development.

Is a new country finally coming to World Showcase Things are looking promising.

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