Video: Huge lines for the Disney Magical Express stretch down the airport transportation area

Guests planning to use the Disney Magical Express should be aware there could be lengthy waits at Orlando International Airport. Video recently taken at the airport showed lines for the Disney Magical Express stretching down the entire transportation level in Terminal B.

It took guests about two hours to reach the check-in desk and up to an hour before they boarded a bus. In total, guests in this line may have waited up to four hours from landing to arriving at their resort.

This video is shocking. We’ve used the Disney Magical Express multiple times and never seen this many people – or even half this number of people – waiting in line.

Waits for the Disney Magical Express aren’t always this long, but it shows how bad things can get during peak times. Other guests using the service have reported no waits for recent trips. Waits appear to be very hit or miss at this time. Uber and Lyft are popular alternatives, but they too have had trouble with enough drivers and surge pricing.

Mears, the operator of the Disney Magical Express, appears to be struggling to meet the rising demand of Walt Disney World guests. Physical distancing may be partially to blame as buses are currently loaded with a row skipped between parties. It’s also possible Mears isn’t dedicating as many resources with the Disney Magical Express service ending January 1, 2022.

Mears will roll out their own paid service, Mears Connect, beginning in 2022. Additional information on this service should be announced soon, but hopefully lines won’t be as long as they’ve been in recent weeks.

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