Video: Firework shell lands in a walkway during Epcot’s Illuminations

A dangerous moment happened during Monday’s Illuminations: Reflection of Earth fireworks show at Epcot. During the show’s special holiday finale, one of the sparkling fireworks that launches out into the lagoon landed on a walkway in World Showcase.

And another angle:

Thankfully, it sounds like no one was hurt by the errant shell. Reports indicate that a front had moved through the area and an unexpected gust of wind could have caused the mishap. Those reports haven’t been confirmed, but they’re certainly believable based on where the shell landed.

For reference, the video below shows when the flares are launched from the barges at the 0:14 mark. One of these may have launched with a bit too much power and ended up in the walkway.

Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents will occasionally happen. Disney closely monitors its fireworks shows and will cancel or alter the show’s elements if there’s any indication wind or some other factor may compromise guests’ safety.

Hopefully this incident doesn’t force Disney to alter its upcoming fireworks shows.

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