TIME names Pandora in Animal Kingdom one of the world’s top-100 places to visit

The land of Pandora inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been named by TIME.com as one of the top-100 destinations to visit in the world. The full list includes their top selections for the best places to visit, stay and eat around the globe.

The land of Pandora joins a group of museums, art installations and gardens from around the world.

Below is what TIME had to say about Pandora: The World of Avatar.

Just as James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar marked a new level of technological innovation for movies, so too is Pandora: The World of Avatar reinventing the modern theme park. Among its other­worldly attractions: an animatronic character that’s “as lifelike as possible” and a botanical garden that glows with neon after sunset. The park’s flagship is Flight of Passage, a ride that combines 3-D projections and virtual reality to create the illusion that guests are flying atop a living, breathing mountain banshee (a creature that figures prominently in Cameron’s mythical universe). The park says it’s the highest-rated attraction at Walt Disney World, per guest surveys.

Pandora is an incredible destination, complete with floating mountains, a night scene full of glowing bioluminescence and arguably the best ride in all of Disney World in Flight of Passage. Even if you’ve never seen the 2009 film Avatar, you’ll be amazed by the intricate level of theming and detail around the land.

As a result, Pandora is one of the most popular and busiest locations in all of Disney World. That’s why its critical to find a FastPass for Flight of Passage as waits often exceed two-to-three hours.

Do you agree with TIME’s assessment? Is Pandora truly one of the top destinations to visit?

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