The demolition of Innoventions West continues at Epcot

The demolition of the remaining portion of Epcot’s Innoventions West is moving forward at a rapid pace. Crews have been busy gutting the remaining half of the building, stripping it down to its steel skeleton.

Guests walking by the area are now able to look through the final portion of what’s left of Innoventions West.

The views of Spaceship Earth will be dramatically different as soon as the rest of Innoventions West comes down. Removing the building will open up new views of Epcot’s iconic attraction that have never been seen before in the park.

Soon, the final half of Innoventions West will be leveled and Disney will move forward on their overhaul of Future World. What the transformation may look like is subject to change as budget cuts have already altered the scale of the project.

Disney had outlined plans for a large Festival Center building (the one that resembled a coffee table), but that has since been changed to a “festival area” with no specific details. They’ve also reportedly scaled back their plans for Dreamer’s Point though no official details have been released.

One has to wonder why Disney elected to bulldoze this original building over a more affordable remodel. They could have retrofitted Innoventions West into whatever they wanted, much like they are with Innoventions East, instead of starting over.

Hopefully something of substance will take over this area and it won’t be an empty space that came at the cost of an original Epcot building.

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