Tarp shade coverings removed in Future World at Epcot

Disney is wasting little time transforming the center of Future World after closing the area off to guests one week ago. The large shade tarps that stretched across the middle of the area over the pin store have been removed. Currently, the large support columns and wires are still in place, but these are expected to be removed soon.

Thanks to @tparris for taking a picture of the area once the tarps were removed.

Photo via @tparris

While the tarps did provide some much needed shade to a very hot area in Epcot, they weren’t the most aesthetically elements in the park. Their removal should clear up the area nicely and will allow for more natural shade to be added in the center of what’s currently known as Future World.

The concept art released for Epcot’s transformation shows the area filled with trees and new landscaping. It’s a striking difference compared to the Fountain of Nations, the pin shop and all of the concrete that guests previously saw. Of course, the removal of Innoventions West is still a bit shocking to longtime Epcot visitors.

With the center of Future World closed, look for progress to pick up in a hurry as Disney tries to get as much work done as quickly as possible. Guests are currently being directed around the sides of Future World with two different bypass routes, which isn’t the most ideal situation. It’s a bit confusing and can lead to a good amount of congestion during peak crowds.

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