Reviewing the Size and Scale of Journey of Water at EPCOT

It’s once again time to take a look at the Journey of Water at EPCOT. The walk-through attraction, which will be themed to Moana, is still very much under construction. We’ve seen a lot of pictures and concept art for Journey of Water, but it has been difficult to get an idea of the overall layout and scale.

Queue the always great @bioreconstrcut and some great new aerial pictures of Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

This first aerial provides a great sense of scale and the overall layout for Journey of Water. For starters, the area itself really isn’t that large. Journey of Water’s footprint has always seemed larger, but in reality it’s just taking up a corner of where the old Innoventions West building stood.

Bio was kind enough to label some points of interest.

We can sort of figure out the walkways for Journey of Water based on the above photo. Guests will walk through twisting pathways that travel past various water features and themed elements. Disney has said guests will follow the water cycle, which implies there’s a distinct entrance and exit for this walk-through attraction.

Here’s another angle.

Above we have a better look at the 16-foot figure of Te Fiti. We can also see another view of how the guest walkways will wind around and through the landscaping and features. There’s no question Journey of Water will add a pocket of lush plants and greenery near the center of EPCOT.

Overall, Journey of Water looks like it could open well before Disney’s announced late Fall 2023 window. But, we’ll have to wait until then to see what Journey of Water is all about, and whether this attraction would fit better in one of Disney’s other theme parks.

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