Genie+ Will Use Park-Specific Pricing at Walt Disney World

Disney is changing how guests use and pay for the Genie+ service at Walt Disney World. Beginning June 27, 2023, Genie+ will use park-specific pricing that will vary by day and by park.

Guests will still be able to purchase a version of Genie+ that works at all parks on a given day, but it will come at a premium. Parks with weaker attendance on a given day may have a substantially cheaper Genie+ price compared to the busiest park that day.

It appears that the ‘Multiple Parks’ option that allows park-hopping guests to use Genie+ at more than one park will functionally work as Genie+ does now. The price for it will likely match that of Walt Disney World’s busiest park, Magic Kingdom, as shown in the example below.

Prices are dynamic, however, and can change daily.

This change appears to be an attempt to boost Genie+ sales at the parks where many feel it’s not very useful. Genie+ can be very effective at Magic Kingdom and its large roster of attractions, but it’s far less useful at a park like Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney having the ability to lower the price at a less-crowded park, or a less utilized park, can theoretically boost sales.

Disney may also hope that guests will alter their attendance plans based on the Genie+ pricing that day. Will a guest see $27 Genie+ pricing at Magic Kingdom and change their plans to go to EPCOT and its $18 Genie+ pricing instead? Realistically, probably not. Guests usually have a plan for the day (thanks to Disney) and likely won’t make a last-second change.

This is an interesting strategy by Disney at a time when complaints about planning a Walt Disney World vacation have grown and grown. Guests aren’t happy by the confusing, unpredictable planning that’s required. Disney is reportedly still working on changes to that may address those complaints, but those aren’t expected until 2024.

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