Epcot’s Space 220 restaurant will now feature modern American cuisine according to Disney’s website

Disney has added a new page to their website for Epcot’s out-of-this-world restaurant Space 220. The restaurant, which is currently expected to open in February 2020, was originally expected to feature international cuisine from all over the globe. Now, it appears that idea has been abandoned in favor of modern American cuisine.

Below is the current Space 220 description from the website:

Upon your arrival, you will dine from a menu featuring modern American cuisine, more than 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines and a wide selection of craft beer.

The menu change comes after former head chef Theo Schoenegger left to pursue a different opportunity in Las Vegas. A job posting for a new head chef was created and the description for the restaurant now lists “modern American cuisine” rather than the original descriptor that hinted at an international menu. It’s still believed that the restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner despite the cuisine change.

Is Space 220 opting for more of an American satellite feel rather than an International Space Station concept?

Guests will still board a space elevator and travel 220 miles up above the Earth to dine at Space 220. There they’ll see incredible views of space and the planet below. The overall concept sounds like a great addition to Epcot.

We look forward to discussing the full menu for Space 220 once it is released.

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