Epcot’s Odyssey building to become a flexible-use space

New life is being breathed into the Odyssey building at Epcot. The former restaurant is being repurposed into a flexible-use space that can accommodate whatever need Disney may have in Epcot at any given time.

The building is also receiving some light updates to go along with the change. Large panels that were in place along the building have been removed in favor of glass, providing great views both into and out of the building.

Dave Kesting, general manager of Epcot festivals, spoke with the Orlando Sentinel about the latest chapter for the Odyssey.

“We’re going to be evolving Epcot pretty heavily. We’ve already started.

We’ll look at all our open venues and see what priorities we need to have for the park. So it’s going to be flex space for whatever we need it to be. It could be a restaurant one day, it could be a merchandise shop the next day, it could be character greeting — whatever we need to be.”

It’s great to see the Odyssey being used once again. With activity buzzing around a possible new attraction coming to the Wonders of Life building, the Odyssey will likely slide in as the home of the many festivals that fill Epcot nearly all year long.

It may still depress some that the Odyssey isn’t returning as a full-time restaurant, but it’s great to see it used in some sort of regular capacity.

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