Epcot won’t open until 12pm beginning November 27 and other operation updates

Walt Disney World has once again updated their operating hours for their four theme parks. The most recent additions to the calendar feature a continuation of the current operating hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but adds longer hours at the Magic Kingdom and a late opening at Epcot.

Beginning with the Magic Kingdom, the park will continue to open at 9am but will stay open a bit later until 7pm beginning November 6. The one-hour extension at night should allow for guests to enjoy the holiday projections on Cinderella Castle without having to rush out of the park.

Things are a bit different over at Epcot. Instead of opening at 11am, Epcot will begin opening at 12pm starting November 27. At the same time it will shift from closing at 7pm to 8pm. The total number of operating hours are the same, but the shift to a later closing time gives guests more time to enjoy World Showcase and the Festival of the Holidays after dark. It also helps spread out some of the demand on the bus system by avoiding having three parks closing simultaneously.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios will continue to run a 10am-7pm schedule and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will maintain its 9am-5pm schedule.

Of course, all of these times are subject to change. We recommend checking out Disney’s official calendar before planning your visit.

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