Disney Releases Lots of New Epcot Concept Art, Shows Revised Plans

Disney has released a series of new concept art that reflects the new direction they’re going in at Epcot. The new art shows alterations from the original plans, including the cancellation of the multi-story Festival Pavilion, the return of a CommuniCore building, and a new look at the Journey of Water.

First, let’s start with a new look at the area as a whole.

Revised Epcot plans.
New concept art for the center of Epcot.

The original plan for a tall Festival Center building (the one that looked like a coffee table) is no longer in the concept art. Instead, a new building called CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will reside on one side of where Innoventions West stood.

Compare the new art above to the original concept art below.

Old concept art for the middle of Epcot.

Aside from the missing coffee table building, we can also see that Journey of Water has changed and there doesn’t appear to be a fountain in the old Fountain of Nations location. A new planter will sit in the center. Also, the much-discussed pink walkway is no longer present in the new art.

New festival stage area.

The CommuniCore Hall looks a lot like the portion of Innoventions West that once stood here, doesn’t it? Not only has Disney killed the coffee table building concept, they’ve seemingly backtracked and plan to rebuild what was there. We can only imagine how much money could’ve been saved by repurposing the old building instead.

Below is a view of the updated heart of Epcot from the opposite angle. For reference, the new Creations Shop and Connections Cafe & Eatery are on the right side.

Here’s an overview of where everything will be when the project is completed.

Map of the updated plans for Epcot.

It’s confirmed that Mickey and the gang will once again have a dedicated meet and greet location. We can also see that Dreamers Point, and the statue of Walt Disney, is also still in the updated plans.

Next, here’s new art on the area where the Fountain of Nations used to live. This spot is being referred to as Epcot Gardens.

Epcot Gardens.

We’re a bit disappointed to see there isn’t a fountain in the updated plans. The area would greatly benefit from some moving water, as it did before, instead of just a planter. However, we may be able to forgive the lack of fountain if the Epcot logo in the pavement actually lights up as shown in the concept art.

Here’s another look at the Epcot Gardens space.

Epcot Gardens.

Finally, Disney released a new look at the Journey of Water attraction.

Journey of Water.

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana has a bit of a different shape than we expected. The area looks like it is more closed off to guest walkways than we would’ve guessed. The art also seems to confirm jumping fountains will reside in a new section of Epcot.

Disney did not announce any timelines or additional information with the concept art. However, we think this new plan better suits the park than the large Festival Pavilion idea. We can’t help but wish that Disney would’ve made this decision before demolishing an original Epcot building, but we’re glad the current plan has more of the original Epcot feel.

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