Disney Cruise Line staff safe after sheltering at Castaway Cay during Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian has wreaked havoc in the Bahamas with its powerful winds and damaging storm surge. Disney Cruise Line’s private tropical island, Castaway Cay, was in the direct line of fire as the hurricane roared through the area. Thankfully, Disney Cruise Line has announced that the staff who sheltered in place during the storm are safe.

As seen on Newsweek, Disney Cruise Line issued a couple statements regarding the safety of their staff. Their staff reportedly used a storm shelter during the brunt of the hurricane, but have since returned to their housing.

“Many of our Guests have asked questions about Castaway Cay. Some of our Crew remained on the island and their care and safety is our highest priority. As forecasted, sustained winds on the island did not extend beyond tropical force strength and our Crew has returned to their living quarters after spending a few hours in our storm shelter yesterday.”

It’s not uncommon for Disney Cruise Line and Disney theme parks to use what’s known as a Ride Out Crew. These cast members are normally volunteers and are charged with monitoring the situation in their area. At Castaway Cay, their job is to report back what kind of damage the island saw during Hurricane Dorian. Disney’s statement makes it sound like Castaway Cay saw relatively minimal damage compared to the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, some areas in the Bahamas received catastrophic damage during Hurricane Dorian. While it’s easy to focus purely on Disney’s island paradise, it’s important to remember those who had their entire lives completely disrupted during this storm.

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