Demolition underway at Primeval Whirl in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Primeval Whirl’s days are numbered in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The attraction is now being demolished after being reported as permanently closed back in July 2020.

Large sections of the ride have already been removed and piles of demolished materials are visible. An aerial view shows a big chunk of Primeval Whirl has been cut into pieces.

Solid construction walls surround the majority of Primeval Whirl.

However, some of Primeval Whirl is blocked by scrims that offer a better view of the demo.

The cut coaster track is easy to spot poking up above the construction walls.

The demolishment of Primeval Whirl is moving quickly now that it’s underway. At this current pace, the ride may be completely removed over the course of the next couple weeks.

So, what does Disney have planned for this section of DinoLand USA?

Disney hasn’t officially announced anything for this space at this time. However, some rumors have suggested the old home of Primeval Whirl, the carnival games and another chunk of DinoLand USA may be reimagined into a single new attraction. DINOSAUR, Restaurantosaurus and the kid’s play area would remain with some minor changes.

It’s also possible Disney wanted to get a jump on removing the closed ride so guests wouldn’t see a shuttered attraction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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