Construction barges in place at Epcot for work on new fireworks show

If you’ve visited World Showcase at Epcot recently, you may have noticed some construction barges in World Showcase Lagoon. These barges, as well as some large construction equipment, are in place to work on the new fireworks show that’s coming to Epcot.

The photo at the top of this page, courtesy of WDWMagic, shows work being performed on the island that sits closest to China. Some construction barriers are in place on the Lagoon’s second island, but no visible equipment can be seen at this time. While visible construction on the islands is underway, some land clearing that is believed to be for staging for the new show is taking place behind the Outpost.

Epcot will debut an interim fireworks show in Fall 2019, titled “Epcot Forever”, before the new nightly show begins in 2020. The new show will be a huge spectacular featuring massive floating set pieces, custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics and lasers.

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