An updated look at the barges for Harmonious, Epcot’s new fireworks show

Work has continued to progress on Harmonious, the new nighttime spectacular that’s being developed for Epcot. Aerial photos show that the enormous barges that will serve as centerpieces for the show are taking shape backstage at World Showcase.

Take a look at these huge showpieces:

In terms of scale, the barge at the top of the image is sitting next to a large green cherrypicker. You won’t be able to miss these things when they’ve been moved into World Showcase Lagoon.

Here’s a closer look:

Additional aerial photos reveal the primary barges that have been depicted in Disney’s concept art for the show.

If we compare the pictures of the barges to the concept art, we can start to see how Harmonious will come together.

This show is going to take up a massive amount of space in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon. It’ll be interesting to see if these barges will remain in World Showcase Lagoon permanently or if they’ll be moved into position daily. We’ll also have to wait and see if the budget cuts inflicted by the pandemic will alter Disney’s plans.

Harmonious was originally scheduled to debut in 2020, but that’s likely to change following this year’s events.

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